Cleaning Volunteer Guidelines

We encourage everyone in the community to become familiar with their local community fridge! Everyone is welcome to stop by at anytime and clean the fridge and the surrounding area. 

- Bring sanitizing spray, paper towels, disposable gloves and a garbage bag

- Sanitize all exterior surfaces 

- Sanitize interior shelves and interior door 

- Remove expired and open items (please remove any raw meat.)

- Clear surrounding area of liter

- Please take all trash with you!

Empowering the community to self organize is a crucial part of supporting this mutual aid initiative. Below are some ideas of how to organize your inner circle, work place and social spaces.

-Organize a food drive
- Collect cash donations and use to fund a grocery trip 
- Schedule a community clean up around the fridges 
-Bring a meal to your unhoused neighbors
-Build relationships with food vendors, grocery stores and farms and inquire about donating product 
-Grab a friend and clean the fridges!

Want to get more involved? Fill out the Woo Fridge Volunteer Sign-Up Form to join our Discord! 


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Community Service
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