Frequently Asked Questions

How can I donate?

Food drop offs can be made 24/7 at any of our fridges as long as they follow our food guidelines.

Where is it located?

We currently have one location with a few more in the works! Visit us!

What can I donate?

We will happily take anything unopened that meets our food guidelines.

What are the best items to Contribute?

We serve a diverse community, don't over think your donation! Items we notice move quick

are milks, frozen meals, pre-cooked frozen meats, eggs, grab and go subs/lunches. 

Why dont you accept home cooked meals?

Along with helping reduce food insecurity, the mission of a community fridge is also to combat food waste. In order to do this, we organize food rescues from local grocers, restaurants and farms. With that being said, we typically have an abundance of pre- made meals and are usually in need of groceries for neighbors to make their own meals!